Would it be Fine to Tip a Limo Driver?

How often do you drive a limo? You might not have answer to this question because only a millionaire could possibly respond to this abruptly. If you are one of those people who occasionally think of hiring a limo and are unaware of the rules related to dealing with chauffeurs and drivers, then you must know them!

If you have thought of renting a limo you might stuck at the notion, whether you should tip a limo driver or not? The answer to this baffling question is; yes, you should tip the driver on the basis of his performance. Drivers get their pay on hourly basis or in some cases it is fixed. Either ways, it comes under the category of minimum wage. Drivers spend a lot of time cleaning the limo when customers’ leave which is not included in their pay. Keeping this point in mind, you need to show generosity to them. And this might also accompany the thought; how much the driver deserves?

If you have any confusion regarding gratuity, you can always call the limousine service provider to know if it is included in the rent you will pay. If you get satisfied with the drivers’ services, you could pay him 15 to 20 percent of the total rent. On the other hand, if you don’t find the service up to the mark then you can pay around 5 to 10 percent.

You should also consider the distance you have travelled and on such basis you can calculate the tip. For short trips usually 10$ are paid while for longer trips the amount increases.

Moreover, the tip increases with the size of the car you have booked. It also depends on the mess you create in the car; pay him higher if you have kids with you who usually give hard time to the driver and are difficult to handle. Since cleaning up the limo is not included in the pay; therefore, it becomes ethically and morally right to be generous enough with the person who took care of not only your safety but of your every need during the ride.

After knowing the whole procedure you can order a limo from Pearson Airport Limousine serviceand ensure a safe ride with a courteous driver. This reliable service will send off your way trained drivers completely aware of each and every location you intend to visit. Make your call now!

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