Burlington Airport Flat Rates

(Lincoln TownCar Rates)


HST: All prices are subject to 13% Tax

GRATUITY: As per customer / except in child seat orders 15% mandatory

AIRPORT FEE (TAX): $15 Fee is charged for pickups from the Airport, which goes directly to GTAA.

EXTRA LUGGAGE: Excessive luggage that is adjusted inside the vehicle will
cost $10 extra.

EXTRA STOPS ON ROUTE: Each extra stop is $10 extra with 5 minute of waiting.

EXTRA STOPS OFF ROUTE: Out of way stops cost as per the rate sheet. Please get an exact price quote beforehand.


• Hour of waiting is included, after your flight lands. If its taking longer please call and let us know.

• Waiting for any pickups including extra stops costs $7.5 per 10 minutes.

• We provide Flat rates, no extra charges for road issues in regular conditions.

• Flat rates are not valid for weather related issues i.e : Snow Storms.

407 ETR CHARGES: 407 charges are extra and taken as per instructions from the passenger.

CHILD SEATS: Please note that child seats are provided as a courtesy so you don’t have to haul around extra luggage. Car seats may not be installed depending on the driver’s knowledge of installation and he should not be forced to install it. We take absolutely no responsibility of any
mishap that may arise due to installation of the child seat. It is passenger’s responsibility to make sure car seats are installed properly. If you have any further questions or
concerns, please do let us know in advance.


CANCELLATION POLICY: 12 Hours for arrivals at the airport and 4 hours for trips to the Airport. For Private transfers, Livery, Weddings, Tours, and Event cancellation please contact in advance.

WEATHER ALERT: Please note due to extreme weather conditions, there may be service delays or cancellations. In such a case, we will inform you ahead of time. Due to snow storms we may not be able to monitor your Flights as they are not updated most of the time.

Please check your flight status ahead of time and inform us if there are delays in your departure or arrival. In case of weather delays on the roads, we may not be able to offer you the provided flat rate, in such a scenario excessive time on the road will be charged.

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