Sailing with the Wind into Toronto City

Toronto is probably the best place for one to spend their summer holidays. The weather is pleasant, one can see bright colors all around and all types of celebrations taking place within the city. This is a great time to land at Pearson international and hire a Toronto limo that will take one around to different events and festive that get organized every now and then in the city.

Among the many events one should not miss out on the annual Redpath Waterfront Festival where many of the shipping vessels of the 18th century visit the inner harbor of Toronto’s main port. This event is great for families as it aims to train all participants to experience the adventurous situations.
The specialty of this water fair is the TALL SHIPS® 1812 tour. This event commemorates the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the ships only port in Toronto in the province of Ontario. The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes 2013 takes place during this event. Toronto is the home to a unique kind of water front that is once in a year opportunity to be able to board on the fleet of all the post medieval ships that will honor Toronto’s harbor and give people a chance to experience fun.

This event will also offer varieties of sea foods. One will also get to enjoy music and dancing. There are various activities for adults, children and for the family as a whole that one should not miss out on. This is a great event to learn about the roots of nautical instruments and sea travel. It is a celebration to enjoy water voyages. Opening ceremonies of this event take place on the 20th of June. One should especially look out for the grand finale on the 23rd as the Parade of Sail is organized for the people of Toronto.

One can quite conveniently travel in a Toronto taxi and attend annual event that travels throughout Northern America via the Great Lakes. This will be a great experience for the entire family. One will be able to experience what it is like to be a part of fleet of 18th century vessels traveling where the wind takes them.

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