Common Myths about Limousines and their Realities

Myth: Limos are too expensive, better hire a taxi!

Limousines are never too expensive; they aren’t restricted to Cinderella and Prince anymore. When you’re travelling thousands of miles by plane and reach the airport, you’ll definitely be tired enough to find a taxi by standing in the queue. A pre-hired limo can take away all your stress and provide you the luxurious chauffeured services which an ordinary cab simply cannot offer. That’s worth every penny, and if you’re travelling in a larger group, share the rental per person and see how much savings you’re making. Plus, you’ll be getting lots of amenities which are inclusive to your services.

Myth: Low priced limousines mean poor quality limousines

Reliable and practised limo companies find their ways to offer discounted/low prices since they know meticulous details about their business; therefore, they manage to provide cost-effective yet luxurious services.

Don’t judge a book by its cover… but neither by its price range. Never underestimate a service before trying it; same is the case with rental limousines. Although they are not worth a trial as it will definitely cost you some money just for the sake of trying a service for the first time. If your experience goes awesome, that’s nice, but if the service is bad, you’ll waste your money. The best way is to judge a company is by getting feedback of their existing customers through testimonials and ratings, their website updates, and their vehicle maintenance from interior to exterior. Visit the show room in person to ensure that the car you’re being shown in the advertisement is same which you will be served with.

So regardless of the rent, having a check on company’s reputation is must, but getting a cheaper limo with top-notch services is a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Myth: Limousines only meant for grown-ups

Children can celebrate their birthdays and other parties with limos while parents can make their children smile by giving them a surprise party in limousines where they can have lots of fun under supervision of a chaperone. Children can enjoy sightseeing and travelling while partying inside before and after reaching their desired destination. That’s why renting a limousine for children is a splendid idea to make   a birthday party or any other special event huge. Just like adults, the first ever ride in a limo makes a child’s day special.

However, it is important that children learn about riding in a limousine, and they must obey the chaperone if they direct them for any specific reason. Typically, a children’s party in a limo goes smooth and memorable while many limo rental companies offer special seats for toddlers and infants. Moreover, many parents fancy limousines to be their newly born baby’s first ever ride when the mother and child are released from the hospital and destined to reach home.

Myth: Limos are all about night-outs, festivities and partying!

No! In fact, even alcohol consumption and smoking is completely banned in Toronto Limos. Limousines are commonly used for Weddings, airport transportations and the most sober of all, the corporate and business travelling. Limousines are multi-purpose vehicles which people use for their personal travelling while they are ensured about comfort and satisfaction throughout their journey. From sporting events to wine tours, anniversaries to casino trips, dinner to promenades, limousines are meant for every event. As far as alcohol is concerned, check your local laws whether they allow the drinks in a limo or not if you’re not in Toronto.

Myth: Limousine is a brand?

Not related to rental services but that is something many people mistakenly believe. No, limousine is not a brand name of any car in the world. Then what makes a limousine? A limousine is any luxury vehicle which has a separate compartment for the driver while travellers can savour the privacy whether it’s a four-door vehicle or a 32-passenger bus. Sedans, SUVs, TownCars and Stretch aren’t brand names either; they just signify their specific car type.

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