What is a Prearranged Service?

A prearranged service is a service that is arranged ahead of time. A Limousine is specially booked and parked in the Prearranged Parking Lot just for you. This is a more recommended service as it saves you waiting time, and it is personalized to meet your needs.

What are Prearrange Posts?

Terminal 1: Area “D” & Terminal 3: Post#29
Prearranged posts are reserved for travelers with prearranged bookings. This ensures the following:

  • Eliminates possible parking lot blockage from an abundance of Limousines.
  • Easier for a drivers to find their clients and vice versa.
  • Safety of the client.
  • Eliminates possible interaction of non-insured limousine/taxi pretenders at the airport.
  • Authorized procedure scheduled by Greater Toronto Airport Authority
Why should one Prearrange a limousine?

One should prearrange a limousine to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A more personalized service, with a well mannered driver
  • No waiting time. Dispatchers are constantly monitoring flights to ensure you get prompt service should you land earlier than scheduled.
  • Efficient and safe driving, as there is no rush to go back for the next passenger.
  • Limousines are equipped with GPS tracking to ensure the driver has directions.
  • The driver is friendly and guarantees a comfortable ride for the passenger.
  • You have several options available on request, such as Child Seats, Coffee, Newspapers etc.
  • Follows GTAA Regulations regarding security and unauthorized taxicabs prevention.
What does Prearranged Procedure mean?
  • Customer calls and books the Limousine.
  • Flight is monitored on the day of arrival.
  • A Limo is dispatched your particular information with flight # and drop off address.
  • Limo goes to prearranged booking and parking station located just outside of Terminal 3.
  • A dispatch ticket is booked under the name of the passenger displaying company name, passenger name, arrival terminal. This costs $10.
  • Car stays at the parking till the time arrival is announced for the particular passenger.
  • Passenger goes to the prearranged posts and asks for the company name booked under their name.
  • Dispatcher announces the name of the company and the ticket #.
  • Limo arrives at the particular prearranged post to pick up the passenger.
  • A portion of the ticket is given to Dispatcher on duty ensuring the right client is being picked up.
Which one is the official Airport Limousine?

GTAA does not have an official airport limousine. However, GTAA has authorized several companies as Airport Cabs/Limousines. Besides those, many companies offer Prearranged services, which is completely safe, legal and follow GTAA rules and regulations.

How do I identify Illegal Taxis and Limos?
  • If you are offered a Taxi or Limo service in the airport, on your arrival, most likely those operators are illegal and should be avoided.
  • Ask for a Limo License, normally each driver has to have a “Livery” License.
  • Ask for the proof of insurance
  • Look for a small Limousine Tag attached to the front of the car. This tag represents the city that authorized the limo or taxi, and also guarantees that the car is insured commercially.
  • The condition of the car will also tell you a lot about its legality.
  • Look for the information at the airport about limos and taxis.
Why do I have to pay $10 extra for prearrange service.

Prearrange service is designed by the GTAA . They provide parking and dispatch services to the companies interested in prearranged services. Their fees is $10. Pearson Airport Limousine does not charge $10 for all out of town transfers, if you book a return trip in advance.

How do I find more information on the Pearson International Airport and its operations

You can visit www.gtaa.com for more information on the airport and prearranged procedure.

Airports Covered

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Billy Bishop Toronto Island Airport
  • John C Munro Hamilton International Airport
  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport
  • Toronto Downsview Airport
  • Skyservice Esso Avitate Private Terminal
  • Shell Aerocentre Private Terminal

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