Limo hire; a must for reaching fresh and classy at your wedding ceremony and banquet!

Imagine the bride, groom, bridesmaid and the groomsmen coming out of a vehicle at the wedding venue and people are just shocked to see them all in a mess because they were all just stacked in a not-enough-spacious vehicle; their clothes and hair all untidy due to sweat and the weather conditions. How would you feel if it was your own wedding?

Of course you wouldn’t want this! Wedding preparations start months before the wedding day and there are many arrangements to be made to make the day the perfect one and memorable for the couple as well as the guests. The wedding car is one of the most important and of course an expensive choice to be made when dwelling in Toronto or any of the areas that come under the GTA.

Wedding limos stood a status symbol for an excellent wedding during the mid and late 90’s, defining the upper-class values but limousines have become a mere necessity in the new millennium. Today everybody hires a limousine no matter what their status in life is. Hiring a limousine is actually an easy on the pocket investment if hired from a reliable and well reputed company. Hiring an airport limo can just make things easy and manageable without any eleventh-hour hassle. You can conveniently be taken from the wedding ceremony to the banquet hall and if you have planned the honey-moon out of the city, then to the airport too, in style and elegance.

Toronto airport limo company is providing the top-notch services in the GTA for weddings. You just need to call and talk to them. The line up is there to help you with the best and affordable wedding limo. Toronto airport transportation has a proven track-record for being on time with well trained and experienced chauffeurs.

Take time preparing your budget; select a suitable model and color with the trustworthy Pearson airport limo service and you are all set for a memorable wedding.

Toronto Wedding Limo Fleet: Choosing the Right Vehicle!

It’s always hard to choose among the various options and especially when all of these options have their own unique while all being of similar qualities.

Likewise, it can be a difficult job when you look for the perfect car for the most special day of your life – the Wedding day! Also you can get an opportunity to have the journey of your life as you travel with your special one for the first time in marital life. Also if you need to arrange a travel service for the guests or family members as well, you can hire a Toronto Wedding Limo.

All Toronto Wedding Limo vehicles available at Pearson Airport Limousine are of equivalent quality; however, there are differences in their features, which can allow you to choose the most suited car as your Toronto Wedding limo.

Therefore, we have mentioned brief information about the Toronto airport limos which you can rent for your Wedding day. Remember, you should choose the one which goes well with your requirements.

Lincoln TownCar Extended L Series

Features: It offers 1 foot extra legroom, can accommodate up to 4 passengers, plush amenities are included. One of its great features is that it includes an axtra large trunk for up to 3 big suitcases or 4 small to medium cases.

Reasons to choose: Although, TownCars are more popular for airport limos and business tours, but if you’re only traveling with your partner, that would be a reasonable idea due to the fact it is less pricey as much as other Toronto Wedding Limo vehicles.


Features: Having capacity to accommodate 6 passengers with regular luggage, plus it includes a feature of climate control as well as entertainment stuffs such as DVD player and GPS on board.

Reasons to choose: It’s a super luxury vehicle for which many people dream of. It has grown popularity as a Toronto Wedding Limo in recent days. Choosing an SUV for Wedding might seem unconventional, but this is how you make your events unique!

Lincoln TownCar Stretch

Features:  Accommodates up to 10 passenger, leather seating, wet bar with champagne and wine glasses, DVD, LCD TVs CD Player with free soda , juices, water and ice.
Reasons to choose: It depends on you whether you travel in a couple or with 8 more companions, this car serves all! Stretch limos are the most popular vehicles for Toronto Wedding Limos.

Which car would you choose for your Wedding Day? Let us know… You can also visit our fleet page for images and more vehicles. For bookings, information and contact, give us a call at 1-877-235-4473.

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